Data integration for the emerging complex cloud computing market

As technology is advancing, life is becoming more convenient by the day. One of the best things of this age is cloud computing. Though, the concept is simple, indicating delivery of computing services such as storage, servers, networking, databases, software, analytics and the likes over the internet, the market is becoming more complicated.

Some information and statistics

If you are choosing to opt for cloud services and the above-mentioned statement seems to be discouraging, then we would like to put forward some information. We are Wizard Consultancy Services and we would inform that, the service and its application are not becoming complicated, but the cloud computing market is. With the growing number of cloud computing platforms, the market is becoming more competitive. This is an indication for the need of data integration.

The supporting data

To this end, we would like to point out certain stats, such as:

  • Azure has grown from 20 to 34%, but AWS stayed at 57%.
  • Google has grown 10 to 15% and is maintaining the third position.
  • Azure has increased adoption from 26% to 43%, in comparison adoption of AWS in this group has increased slightly, from 56% to 59%.

Implication of the data

Now the point is, how this trend will be good for data integration and for that, some explanation is required. We at Wizard Consultancy Services are offering consolidated cloud solutions for a long time and can shed some light on the subject.

  • With AWS as one of the most important parts of the public cloud computing market, things are turning heterogeneous. Not so long ago, experts and analysts were of the opinion that, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud won’t be surviving. But recent reports clearly show that, both the service providers have been steadily gaining share of the market.
  • As the public cloud computing market is diverse and will get more so, it is quite obvious that, organizations will choose more than one service provider to store their data. This means, they will have at least two sets of data needed to be synced between clouds and between clouds and systems accessing it. To achieve this, data integration is crucial.
  • The companies are moving fast to public cloud platforms and for proper functioning of the service; data integration is becoming much-needed by the day. Migration to purpose-built database models like object-based databases or non-relational models in various cases are making data integration the key to survive and thrive.


So, it is quite clear that, the emerging multi cloud world won’t be governed by any single provider. This will be beneficial for the market, its competition, price and value, but proper governance will be required as well. So, you will need premium quality data integration service and Wizard Consultancy Services can provide that. We are considered to be one of the best master data management companies in UK and will ensure you have the best support in the market.


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