Importance and requirement of data rationalization

Data rationalization is the process considered to be the enabler of effective data governance. Additionally, it aids the process of master data management solutions development. The aim of said process is to govern data assets by finding and understanding them.

Our take on the topic

As a reliable and reputed provider of robust and effective data rationalization service, we at Wizard Consultancy Services we can understand your confusions regarding the topic. Hence, with the help of our experienced experts, we have compiled this list which will outline benefits of data rationalization and help you understand the importance of and requirement of said process.

The benefits of data rationalization process

In one sentence, the benefits of data rationalization process is understanding, finding, exploiting, managing, governing and reusing the data assets in an organisation. To take them separately:

  • As data rationalization is the enabler of effective data governance, it offers a nice understanding of the data collected and processed.
  • In order to use any data, it is crucial to find and identify it and this process helps with that.
  • After finding and understanding the data, it is crucial to use it for the benefit of the organisation and business. Data rationalization helps exploiting the data and yield best results.
  • Another important job associated with data is managing and governing it, because if the gathered information is not managed properly, additional benefits cannot be enjoyed and the whole system go completely berserk. In such a situation, the acquired data cannot be used and it becomes redundant.
  • These days, organisations have heterogeneous systems and finding all model objects and implementation artifacts is much more complicated than you thought. Data rationalization brings rhyme and reason to the system and helps the organisation to function properly.
  • Reusing the acquired is also quite crucial, because normally data does not go redundant after one use. You need to have a system which will not only allow the reuse of data but will help with that as well.

Getting a deeper understanding

Due to these benefits, data rationalization has become quite important in an organisation. Before choosing the service though, you need to understand these aspects. Only when you have a clear idea about the process and its benefits, you can realize the requirement and importance of said process in your business. Making a smart decision is always important and required and for that proper information and a clear understanding of the process is needed too.


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